Welcome to Riverdale, Toronto

Riverdale Park

Welcome to Riverdale, a large eclectic neighborhood in east Toronto stretching from the Don river valley in west to Pape avenue in the east and south of the Danforth to the lakeshore . Riverdale has a fantastic mix of Edwardian era homes, stores and industrial buildings, and enjoys a high profile in the Toronto Real Estate market. 

The neighbourhood features three large recreational parks; Riverdale Park, adjacent to the Don River, Withrow Park, in the north east of Riverdale, and Jimmie Simpson Park, in the southeast.

Known by many Torontonians as a thriving residential neighborhood, from the strong arts community that caters to independent galleries, designer furniture stores and upscale restaurants on Queen St, to the large corporate film studios along the waterfront. 

[Pictured: Withrow Park]

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There remains a strong working class element south of Gerrard Street. Its tree-lined side-streets are complemented by the various styles of Victorian and Edwardian residential architecture, primarily built between the 1880s and the Great Depression. The area has a large number of Industrial buildings that have been converted to lofts and condominiums.

Riverdale has seen the rise and fall of prosperity over the past century. The grand homes built on some streets are a testimony to prosperous times. Despite this rich housing stock, the area was considered to be down-and-out in the 1970s.

The Area has had an up swing in recent years with gentrification, and things seem destined only to get better for this great collection of East Toronto neighbourhoods.

[Pictured: Riverdale Homes on Logan and Wolfrey Ave] 

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